eLITROL SelectQC Registration

eLITROL SelectQC™ provides a comprehensive dedicated web-based Internal Quality Control (IQC) platform for all Selectra System users in Clinical Chemistry laboratories seeking confidence in performance through peer IQC data.

Join the Selectra Peer Program

Submitting this form commences a registration process that when complete will enable you to participate in the eLITROL SelectQC program, and compare your Quality Control data with other Selectra users running the same lot in real-time. Local Terms and Conditions may apply, please contact your local VitalScientific Distributor for finalizing this registration after submitting.

eLITROL SelectQC Registration


Monitoring of Analytical Quality

  • By using eLITROL Select QC it’s possible to monitor the analytical quality based on individual laboratory performance specifications

Operational efficiency in IQC

  • eLITROL Select QC delivers increased operational efficiency and improves IQC management process.
  • Benchmarking the laboratory’s performance against other laboratories highlights where performance could be improved and what can be expected.

Enhances troubleshooting IQC outliers

  • Through real-time access to the eLITROL SelectQC and peer data, the identification of the IQC outlier source gets faster and easier.
  • Unlike the usual External QA programs reporting a snapshot of performance at a single point in the past, the eLITROL SelectQC enhances troubleshooting in real-time.

Compliance with regulations & regulatory requirements

  • For Clinical Chemistry laboratories seeking compliance with regulations & regulatory requirements (ISO 15189:2012(E), Subclause or CLSI (formerly NCCLS), C-24-A3, Vol.

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